Monday, June 6, 2011

I ♥ Ugly Fabrics!

I'm not gonna lie -- I love ugly fabric! What is it about it? Well, perhaps it's the challenge -- to make something beautiful out of something completely hideous. Lemons into lemonade?
Perhaps it's because I feel sorry for the poor, unloved fabrics.

No matter what it is, I love ugly. It makes me so happy!

I wanted to share a few of the "uglies" I have in my ugly stash....

Brown, purple and orange... add in the PAISLEY factor, and you have a real winner!!

Ahhh... one of my loveliest uglies. I have a couple yards of it. Beautifully ugly.

Nothing like Cheetos orange plus green plus purple -- and hideous caviar-like circles! Woo!

Then there is a completely new category I like to call "What were they THINKING??"

Waaaaaaay too much going on here, and check out those COLORS!! Hee hee!!!

Paisley +sunflowers?? Not to mention all the other hideosity going on here!
Horrid!! I love to hate this one!

I have no earthly use for this one, but -- oh my! -- I love it!!

And last but not least a full collection of fat quarters I purchased all together for one smashingly loathsome combination! It is, of course, heavy on the Kaffe Fasset, whom I truly ADORE. But there are a few other lovely pieces in there too. I just have to come up a fantastic quilt method for these ones!

Oh, and my favorite of the bunch? The weird circly things in the center left? That one is called "Fish Lips." Win!!

To see some of my finished ugly quilts,


Anna said...

hehe, love this post care!

Jess said...

lol...I love your ugly fabrics! especially the fashionista cowgirl fabric. hehe!

ShirleyC said...

As a young person, I hated paisley fabrics, but now I've changed. I think the paisley print is very pretty.
Some of the others aren't so bad - just busy!

Creative Mom said...

So funny! Watch out people are going to start sending you their ugly fabric.

ren said...

I actually like the second one down with brown leaves. Does that mean i have bad taste? Oh dear..

angelina_lover said...

I LOVE the brown one too!!! It is gorgeous.

Jen said...

I just can't keep ugly fabric in my stash- I feel like it taints the good ones, does that make sense? Sometimes I put the ugly fabrics in a drawer so I don't have to look at them, and then other times they're just too ugly to even bother keeping! Ha ha! Love the post :)

Kathy C said...

Great post! It made me laugh out loud. I too have bought similar uglies but finally passed them onto Goodwill. (And, I promise you, I did not take a tax deduction for that donation!)

zhing said...

i might have bad taste but i think the brown leaves one is cute! :) i can see it as a tonne of cute hand-made things!

Anonymous said...

I also have the gold leaf fabric. I love it. I made a half apron from the material and think I'll be making some matching napkins to go with.

I fabric shop with a friend who is always telling me I have the strangest taste in fabric. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

The Quillmaster said...

AHHH my eyes hurt! Beautiful! And Ugly! That is totally an oxymoron. LOVE them all anyways.