Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What is in YOUR Purse? Giveaway results!

Hee hee! I've had so much fun with this giveaway/flickr group! Some of my favorite items that are being carried around are: a fork (two people!), an entire set of Scrabble letters, ear plugs (more than one person!), lots and lots of Sharpies, hemostats, oodles of cute coin purses, and so on. I also realized something -- maybe it's so fun for me to peer into other people's purses because it's like a game of I-Spy! Ha ha! :o)

Okay, let's get on with it!
Four winners!

1st winner, who wins her choice of bags from JensBags:
comment #10: Jessica!
I TOTALLY adore her coin purse! WANT!! :o)

2nd winner, who wins an Onion Label Market Tote from LuckyLemonDryGoods:
comment #21: Su!
I love love love her purse!!

3rd winner, who wins the Bonsai Bag Pattern from Made by Rae:
comment #32: Kara!
I still think her diaper bag could hold a WHOLE LOT more than what's in there! :o)

4th winner, who wins the 241 Tote Pattern from Noodlehead:
comment #11: Mommypants13!
She's packing heat! Well, a water gun, anyway....

Thanks for playing, everyone!
This has been so much fun


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah for the winners! Thanks, Care, it WAS fun!

Su said...

Thank you!! That was really fun!

Kelly O. said...

congrats to the winners! this was a fun one :)

Cyndi said...

A big congrats to all the winners - enjoy those prizes, ladies. This really was a lot of fun... thank you so much, Care, for hosting. It was also very eye-opening to see how many of us carry gum and hand sanitizers! :o)



Cammie said...

That was a fun giveaway, thanks!

Ms Muffin said...

Congratulations to the winners!
It was really fun to play along! :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks so much Care! And BTW, I happen to have an extra of that coin purse that you are more than welcome to. Shoot me an email.