Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I-Spy Swap Six -- Fabrics Received!

More for Swap B!

from Laura -- Love the camping fabric and the cherries!

from Melody -- Love the Halloween candy and the m&m's!

from Mikenzy -- Dollars! And cuuute duckies!

from Sang -- CLOCKS! And STAMPS! Haven't seen those ones before!

from Sara -- Hee hee -- those SPIDERS! And the blueberries look good enough to EAT!

from Sharon -- Blenders and toasters! and I always like kitties! :o)

from Shawnalee -- I ADORE THOSE CHICKS!!! And those are great dinosaurs!

from Susan -- I love that cupcake print, and the teeny little chickies!

More to post soon!


Jenny said...

So do group B ladies get the fabric from group A, or do group B ladies just exchange with eachother and get group B fabric?

Care said...

A swaps with A, B swaps with B! :o) So you will get one of each of your own fabrics back!


DJ Rose said...

eeeek! I am so excited. Can't wait to get my package and start sewing it all up. WooHoo! These fabrics are so adorable.

Laura said...

What a fun assortment. I can't wait to create :)

Aubrey said...

Getting excited to layout my quilt!!

Ruthie said...

WOWZA! Just found your blog and love the fabric swap idea!!! I'm going to get ready for your next swap, will be keeping my eyes open for the next one!!