Thursday, February 24, 2011

Celebrate the Boy!

I don't know if you already know this -- but there is a monthlong celebration of BOY projects going on over at Made by Rae this month. And (I am so excited about this!) I am going to be participating in a couple weeks, too! I hope you'll head over and check out all the boy stuff going on.

And check out her archives for last year's projects, too! :o)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pattern Download Trouble?

I've received some comments and emails that people have been having all kinds of trouble downloading my Angry Birds and other patterns. I believe I have corrected the problem. If any of you continue to have trouble with it, please please please let me know! My patterns are intended to be FREE, with easy access!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blythe Clothes Obsession....

For the last couple weeks I've obsessing like crazy over my Blythe -- the bigger one. After all, I've had her for nearly two years and have been neglecting the poor girl as far as her wardrobe is concerned!

Of course I have to start with my very most favorite creation -- this sweet little lace dress. I adore every detail!

So far I've used quite a few patterns from this Japanese pattern book. (Search "Doll Coordinate Recipe" on ebay -- this one is volume 11.) Just thumbing through and looking at the photos is RIDICULOUSLY fun. There is so much attention to every detail!

All the instructions are in Japanese, which I don't speak or read, but there are easy-to-follow diagrams that guide you in numbered steps. So far I've only come across one or two things that were tricky to figure out.

Ready to be subjected to more photos? :o)

Valentine's dress

Plaid pants!!

Pink pants -- this was my first attempt at a pattern in the book.

Paisley blouse

I adore the scale of the paisley, and the blouse pattern, but maybe not together? Still thinking on that one. I think I'll use the same paisley fabric for something a little more girly....

Black skirt and colorful heart thigh highs. Guess where the fabric for the socks came from!!

:o) a dollar store bra!! :o)
(Oh, you should check out my mom's Doll Clothes from Underwear tutorial -- for 18" dolls! Hee hee!)

Next to try: My mom found this Simplicity pattern (#2353) on sale at Hancocks for a buck! That hoodie is killing me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I-Spy Six -- Swap B!

Everything is sorted and -- in the mail!
Packages went out YESTERDAY! :o)

from Brandy -- Those monsters are hilarious, and I love those cute ants!

from Christina -- Of course I love the kitties, and I haven't seen those really great soccer balls before

from Christine -- We see a lot of butterflies, but this one has to be my favorite of all of them. And I love the little tools!

from DJ -- GREAT pirates, and sweet doggies.

from Jennifer -- my favorite guitar print EVER, and I like the little cupids!

from me!

YAY for I-Spy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tiny Kitten in a Box

What you need:
~ fleece scraps -- black, white, and light and dark of a color of your choosing -- I will call it blue throughout the tutorial
~ thread (I used white for everything!)
~ tissue paper
~ pencil
~ finely pointed scissors
~ free-motion presser foot (optional but highly recommended!)
~ small amount of fiberfill stuffing
~ pattern -- click HERE! (pg 1 = cat, pg 2 = box)

Please read through the entire tutorial before starting -- the cutting directions will make SO much more sense that way!

STEP ONE: Using a pencil, trace the pattern onto your tissue paper. Cut it out, leaving about an inch around the perimeter.

STEP TWO: Cut your fleece.
Important: Be sure the stretch of your fleece runs left to right!
You will need:
2 light blue rectangles the same size as your tissue paper pattern
1 white rectangle large enough to cover the eyes and nose of your pattern1 black rectangle large enough to cover the pupils and nose of your pattern
1 dark blue rectangle large enough to cover the width of your pattern plus the height of the stripes
(You don't need to measure -- eyeball and chop. If all else fails, cut all your pieces the same size as your pattern!)

STEP THREE: Layer as follows:
Place one light blue rectangle right side DOWN. Place your tissue paper on top. Lift it up and place your white rectangle over the area where the eyes and nose will be, then place it back down so the white is on the bottom and the tissue paper is on top.

Like this!

STEP FOUR: Sew around the eyes and the cheeks/chin. I use my free-motion foot for this, but if you don't have one you can do the needle-down-lift-the-foot-and-turn maneuver.

Here's what it will look like on the other side.

STEP FIVE: Using your scissors, carefully trim the excess fleece away from around your stitching lines.

STEP SIX: Layer your black rectangle over the eyes and nose.

Flip everything over to the pattern side and sew around the pupils and nose.

Trim away excess.

STEP SEVEN: Layer your dark blue rectangle over the stripe area of the light blue rectangle. Again, be sure the stretch of your fleece runs left to right.

STEP EIGHT: Flip over and sew the stripe lines. Trim away excess fleece.

STEP NINE: Layer your second light blue rectangle on top of your kitten's face, right sides together.

Flip over and sew on the line, leaving about two inches at the bottom open for turning and stuffing.

STEP TEN: Tear away as much of the tissue paper as you care to -- it doesn't matter if it's perfect because it will all hide inside!

STEP ELEVEN: Trim near your stitching line all the way around except at the bottom opening, as shown.

STEP TWELVE: Turn your kitten right side out, carefully poking the ears out with a blunt object. Stuff her!

STEP THIRTEEN: Carefully poke the seam allowances of the opening inside and hand sew the hole closed. (Look what happened to my apparently very weak needle! I was pulling it straight, and -- pow!)

Voila! A cute little kitten!

You can definitely get creative with colors. Look at these little special-request kittens I made for my nieces and nephew:
It's definitely extra work to give them colored eyes and pink noses, but they just turn out so cute that way!

The box pattern is on page 2 of the pattern file. I tried a few kinds of cardboard, but the cardboard from a pizza box was definitely the best scale.

Best of luck with your kittens!
Please pretty please post photos to my flickr group if you make one! :o)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

This is me.

So... Wanna know a little bit about me?

I know, I am very "quiet" when it comes to talking about ME -- but I have been faithfully posting my projects on this blog for an Official Two Years now! I suppose maybe it's high time you got to know just a little bit about me?

Here are a few little-known (and very random) facts about yours truly:

I dance in my kitchen, but never in front of my husband. I am sure my neighbors have seen some very, er, INTERESTING moves through the french doors/bay window in my kitchen. If they have, I certainly hope they will never tell me so to my face. I'd rather dance obliviously!

I cannot sleep with my hair touching my neck or face. I also can't sleep with it pulled into a ponytail or braid of any kind. I sort of sweep it up over the top of my pillow and out of the way.

I hate seafood.

When I was a little girl, I wished my name was Nancy. Why Nancy? I have no idea! I didn't even know anyone named Nancy!

I still play with dolls. Wait -- you already knew that! :o) Ha ha!

My new, most recent favorite album is Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, by the band Phoenix. I don't think I will ever get tired of it. Lately it is my "cleaning music" -- and the kids know exactly what's happening when I turn it on and crank it up. They start helping me pick things up!

I cannot STAND to smell like food.

I've never gotten a speeding ticket -- or any ticket for that matter. And I've only ever been pulled over once.

I don't do dishes without my Gloves of Power --> rubber gloves. My current pair is purple. If we go to the cabin, the gloves travel with me. I do not do dishes without my Gloves of Power! :o)

My socks never match -- and I mean NEVER. At least, they haven't in 15 years! Unless nylons count....

There you are. Ten random facts.
The End

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tiny Cat in a Box!

After making a little Sleepy Kitten for each of my kids this past weekend, I had to make one for myself --and of course I had to make her look like my own kitty, Smeagol!
(Update: Pattern and instructions can be found HERE.)

And what kitty doesn't love a BOX?? I had so much fun making my mini Smeagol a little mini cardboard box!

Here is big Smeagol in one of her favorite boxes (yes, she is a girl!)

Then I had to take it even further and give her a tail. Love!

She's so little!

I got to enjoy her for a few minutes -- until JellyBean woke up from her nap. It took all of six seconds for her to claim tiny Smeagol as her own! Oh well! I don't mind! :o)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I-Spy Swap Six -- Fabrics Received!

More for Swap B!

from Laura -- Love the camping fabric and the cherries!

from Melody -- Love the Halloween candy and the m&m's!

from Mikenzy -- Dollars! And cuuute duckies!

from Sang -- CLOCKS! And STAMPS! Haven't seen those ones before!

from Sara -- Hee hee -- those SPIDERS! And the blueberries look good enough to EAT!

from Sharon -- Blenders and toasters! and I always like kitties! :o)

from Shawnalee -- I ADORE THOSE CHICKS!!! And those are great dinosaurs!

from Susan -- I love that cupcake print, and the teeny little chickies!

More to post soon!