Monday, January 24, 2011

I-Spy Six -- Fabrics Received!!

First up: Swap A!

from Katie -- I LOVE the spiders and the hot air balloons!

from Jess -- Lemonade! And crabs, and vintage dresses!

from Megan -- I adore those hiking boots and green bats.

from Alisha -- the snowmen and bowling are fantastic!

from ME -- I really, really love those turkeys, and I was excited that my sister found BILLIARDS fabric for me!

Now for Swap B:

from Amanda -- Love the flip-flops and gears

from Aubrey -- Bingo!! :oD And I love both the tool fabrics!

from Marti -- Loving the Halloween candy and pirates!

from Wendy -- I love the umbrellas and the trees!

HOORAY! Keep them coming, ladies!


Brandy@YDK said...

So excited. Mailing mine today!

Anonymous said...

Love looking at all these fun I-Spy fabrics. I am having fun putting my first I-Spy quilt together!

DJ Rose said...

Cut out mine today with Bolo Heads, Robyn. I was nervous, but haven't seen any repeats yet. :)

Care said...

YAY, ladies! Can't wait to see your squares.

And L Johnson, your quilt is going to be FANTASTIC. I love your choice for the setting squares! :oD

martilindsey said... cute! I joined the swap to make better story-telling cubes, but I might have to learn to make a quilt now!

Betty Lou said...

Such darling fabrics, wish I had been in on the swap---maybe next time.

Crystal Hendrix said...

I was just thinking about you and your ispy swaps....Thinking of when would be a good time for me to host one. But I see you are in the middle of one!! :D Let me know if you would like me to host one in the future, near or far! :D

Tristen said...

i've been thinking about you and iSpy too!! Just today decided to leave my house and kitchen a mess and actually start making a quilt with my squares from my swaps!! Since I did the swap we've moved twice and spent 9 weeks on the road with family and friends... now we're settled in and I'm ready to sew!! Cutting this very minute!