Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lighted Skulls -- a Recycle Project!

I'm over at Dollar Store Crafts today with a quick, easy, CHEAP project for Halloween. This project only takes a couple minutes! Then, once you learn the basics of how to make these little guys, head back over here for a bonus project idea:

To make this version, all you need is a small string of twinkle lights (mine was a 20-light strand) and a utility knife. Simply cut a small X in the top of each skull and pop the lights in. I put my skulls on every other bulb, but every third would work well too. Easy!

Hey, while you're at it, remember this project from last year?

It continues to be one of my favorites! Check it out, and try it!


Wendy said...

They make me so happy--I mean scared! The boys will love them.

BSOTF said...

We don't have a dollar store craft. I just go to the dollar store & find things in it to make things with. That's why I like your blog so much! Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Awesome!! This is a great bonus project!

Anonymous said...

I love the eye fabric that is just too cool! Cute ideas.

Betty said...

that is a lovely idea. thanks.

Staci J said...

Super easy and cute!! Love it:)
I'd love for you to stop by my blog this week and check out my giveaway;)

Su said...

Reuse...??? LOVE it!

jo said...

Thanks for this great, easy, and happily inexpensive tutorial! -

Sassy Sites! said...

I featured your quiet book over at Sassy Sites! Stop by and check it out! OH... and don't forget to grab a FEATURED button!! Cute blog you have here! xoxo

Ms Muffin said...

You really are inventive! Am in awe! :-)
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I thought maybe it is of interest to you as you are a quilter. I joined, too ... even though I am not a quilter. I was allowed to join as long as I give away something fabric related ... :-)
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Have a lovely weekend!
Ms Muffin