Friday, May 14, 2010

I-Spy Swap the Third!

It's that time again...
Time for another I-Spy Fabric Swap!!

Yes, it is true, I am STILL obsessing over I-Spy! In fact, I may or may not have started making an I-Spy quilt for each of my boys... plus I've started collecting fabrics to make one for my daughter. It is true, it's a full-blown obsession. I have three small-ish drawers in my sewing room devoted specifically to I-Spy fabrics -- PLUS a dresser-drawer full -- AND, that doesn't count the, ahem, towering pile of I-Spies I've already got cut out and ready for swapping.


Mail 200 I-Spy squares to me by June 4th.

Get 200 I-Spy squares back, all different, by June 15th.


1. For sanity purposes, I am keeping this swap small-ish. The first 17 people to comment are in. [If you live outside the U.S., no problem -- but please mail your fabrics a little earlier so there's plenty of time to meet the deadline!]

2. Cut 20 4" squares out of each of 10 different novelty print fabrics. A 1/4-yard cut or fat quarter will get you 20 4" squares, so you will be purchasing a total of about 2 1/2 yards of fabric. This is NOTHING when you think about all the different squares you will be getting back!

3. In order to avoid duplicates, everyone will need to search out unusual or obscure prints. Look for things that aren't available at chain stores. But, please, pick FUN ones! If you love it, the other swappers will love it too!

4. Remember that we are looking for fabric with objects on it, not printy-prints. (A fabric with FLOWERS on it is very different from a FLORAL PRINT.)

5. No "licensed" prints: No Disney, Dora, L.A. Lakers, etc.

6. Remember seam allowances! Be sure you can tell what you are looking at within a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square. Nobody wants only half of an object in their square -- cut them well! (Depending on your fabric choice, you may need to buy more than 1/4 yard in order to get an object into each cut square.)

If you want to join me in this obsession, leave a comment here that includes your email address!!

FIRST 17 commenters are IN!


No repeat swappers this time, please -- so more swappers can have a chance!


Melissa said...

I would love to participate in this!


Melissabearknits [@] gmail [dot] com

kickincattle said...

I want to play too.


eatrunliveCBUS said...

I want to make my little one an i-spy quilt so badly it will only be my second quilt! Wish me luck :)

I would love to be a part of this swap!

The Smiths said...

I would love to make one too!

Jessica said...

I would LOVE to be in the swap!

Country Girl in the City said...

I just found your site yesterday and I love it. It has been on my mind for a long time now to make an I Spy quilt. I think this is just what I need. I am in Canada, so I guess that means I need to get started right away in order to get these to you on time.

Sounds like fun!!!

Erin said...

me, me, me!!

Care said...

One spot reserved for Alyssa, who emailed that she could not comment. You're in, Alyssa!

The Chase Family said...

Please reserve a spot for me! I would love to be involved! :)

Rae Lynne

Rebecca said...

I want to play too :)

rkindelspire [@] gmail [dot] com

Brooke said...

I would love to do this! Count me in.

woohooforthat [at] gmail [dot] com

Melissa said...

I think I need more too.

jbr said...

I'm in again. Love the swaps!

Renee said...

Sounds like fun...I'm in!

Silka said...

I would love to join.

silkaphyllis at

Kendra said...

i would love to join...

Ruth & Asher said...

I want to play
rllort at