Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1st Quilt Ever Quilt Show... Call for Submissions!

Tiny little reminder!


If you participated in 1st Quilt Ever, and have completed (or are soon to complete!) a quilt you'd like to enter in my little blogland quilt show...

Please send me an email at

stitchwhipped {at} gmail {dottydot} com!!

I'd like to get some quick numbers of how many participants there are, as well as a little bit of information about your quilt.

Can't wait to hear from you!


Kandra said...

Aww man... I haven't started it yet! LOL

handmadehappiness said...

the batting doesn't arrive till next week but i would love to be involved when must the quilt be finished?????

Cole's Corner said...

Mine is still in pieces... can we have one more week?

Catherine said...

I'm still waiting on the foot for the machine... and baby #2 comes in Tuesday... maybe, just maybe, I'll get to quilt this weekend and get it done before he comes so I can share and use it in the hospital!

Megan said...

Oh good!! Y'all have used my excuses so I don't have to think one up.(;0)
Here's what happened to me--I laid it out--ready to start pinning and the batting is not big enough. I've repinned it 3 times with no luck, and sore knees! I'm going tomorrow to buy a twin size batting. To tell the truth--I'm ready to get this done.
Hang on Care--I'm working on it!!

jewchick said...

I've got mine basted, now I'm waiting for my presser foot... it's been shipped, but may take a week to get!

Care said...

No worries, no panic! :o) I am going to set a date for the quilt show so everyone has a goal to work toward... Let's say Monday, June 14th -- about 2 1/2 weeks from now! Sounds like that will accomodate most everyone, as long as Catherine's baby complies, ha ha!

Good luck, everyone!