Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meet Susan at Darling Petunia

Meet Susan, who is chronicling her journey through HER "1st Quilt Ever" at her blog, Darling Petunia!

Q: How long have you been sewing?

A: For a long time, I only did straight-seam things (throw pillows, simple curtains). If I wanted something to wear, I had to put in an order with my mom, and she'd try to squeeze it in. Well, I sometimes had to wait quite a long long time, so in 2007, on Easter Day, I was at my mom's house, and it was a quiet day, so we made a top! After that, I just sort of went crazy.

Q: What kind of sewing machine do you use?

For most things, I use a borrowed Bernina Activa 230. It belongs to my mom, who bought it because she got a tremendous deal, but she didn't want to take the time to figure out how to use it. I generously offered to try it out, so I could teach mom how it worked. That couple of years ago. She hasn't asked for it back, so I keep quiet and sew on. I also have an electronic Kenmore, which I like just fine. It just doesn't have cute red buttons like the Bernina.

What is your favorite thing to sew?

A: SKIRTS! I love prints, but I don't like to wear them on top, so...skirts it is! Purses are fun, too, but I guess I'm an exhibitionist or something, because I want my work to be NOTICED, lol. Skirts are my trademark at work. People wonder what's wrong with me if I go in wearing pants!

Q: Why a quilt?

A: I was envious of the I-Spy swap! It just looked like fun. I also LOVE the quilt you have in your Jellybean's room, and wished I could make something like that. And you, Care, just seem so low-key about the whole thing, "Oh, that? Yeah I whipped that up yesterday." I appreciate that attitude--sometimes quilting/quilters seem so...uptight.

Q: Have any kids or pets?

Kids? Nope. Pets? One super spoiled cat, Isabella. She's the first pet I ever had, and I love her like a crazy woman.

Q: Where do you work?

A: I work part time at the reference desk at the library. It is a wonderful place to work, although maybe not what you'd imagine it to be like.

Q: Any other hobbies?

A: I read a bunch. I don't exactly enjoy it, but I go to the gym regularly. THRIFT SHOPPING! And my husband and I really like spending time in Ireland.

I have to share a few favorite projects on Susan's blog. First of all, the hedgehogs!! (You've seen mine.) She is a genius! And then there's the vintage mama kitty and kittens kit she found. Oh, the jealousy!! (Have you finished them yet, Susan?) And, of course, her most recent toddler-skirt-turned-handbag refashion. LOVE!!

Susan is a real hoot; I really enjoy her humor and her writing style! Go check out Darling Petunia, and follow her progress through her 1st Quilt Ever!

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