Thursday, February 25, 2010

Storage Cube TUTORIAL, part two -- Binding!

(find Part One of this tutorial HERE!)

The method for binding the raw edges of your storage cube is basically the same as binding a quilt. I've actually tried a couple ways of binding these cubes, and this one seems to work the best.

STEP ONE: Start with a SQUARE side up. Lay your binding along the edge of the square with the raw edges lined up. (I moved mine over so you could see how I layered it.)

STEP TWO: Sew with 1/4" seam allowance, stopping 1/4" before the end of your cube. Backstitch. (Make sure all the excess fabric is out of the way so you don't end up sewing the bottom of your cube into the seam allowance!)

STEP THREE: Rotate your cube one turn counter-clockwise. Pull the excess fabric up and out of the way. Fold your binding upwards so the raw edges of the binding create a straight line with the raw edges of your cube, as shown.

STEP FOUR: You will now fold your binding down, once again lining up the raw edges with your square. (You can't see it yet, but this is creating a fancy-schmancy mitered corner!)

STEP FIVE: Backstitch until you are 1/4" from the edge, then sew forward again 1/4" shy of the next corner. Repeat Steps Three and Four for this corner, then sew all the way to the final edge.

Your cube should look like this!
Now, repeat Steps One through Five on the other side!

STEP SIX: Lay your cube so the binding is behind the raw edge of your cube, as shown. Fold the binding over the raw edge, encasing the raw edges inside. You will now finish attaching your binding!

STEP SEVEN: Sew along the folded edge of your binding. Try to match the seam allowance inside, if possible. When you get to the corner, stop (once AGAIN!) 1/4" from the end.

STEP EIGHT: Fold the bottom edge up, creating a pretty little mitered corner, as shown. I use a pin as a stiletto to guide that little fold into the machine. Once your needle pricks down into the edge of the corner, stop with the needle down and turn your cube. Then continue sewing to the next corner, mitering it the same way.

Repeat Steps Six through Eight for the other side!

STEP NINE: The exciting part! Grab your stack o' inserts and start stuffing them into the "pockets!" If you find that it's too tight a squeeze to get them in there, just trim them down a little.

Your cube is taking shape!! All that's left is binding that top edge!

STEP TEN: The top edge binding is a little bit tricky because your cube is now stiff, making it a little more fiddly to get through your machine. You are actually going to carefully pin the binding to the OUTSIDE edge of your cube, lining up all those raw edges, because you will be sewing it from the inside. On one of your foldy sides, leave your binding dangling in the middle, as shown. Leave a little excess hanging there! :o)

STEP ELEVEN: Starting close to the corner of your "dangly ends" side, SEW! using a 1/4" seam allowance. Look how I had to put my cube around my sewing machine! Ha ha!

STEP TWELVE: Gently pull your cube out flat in front of your machine. Stop near the corner once you get back to your "dangly side."

STEP THIRTEEN: Overlap your two edges and trim so there is 1/2" overlap.

STEP FOURTEEN: You will then pull the two ends away from the cube (it's handy that it folds here!) and face the ends right sides together. Sew them together with 1/4" seam allowance.

Press the seam allowance open with your fingernail, then re-fold your binding. You will then finish attaching the binding at your machine.

The final step is to pull the folded edge of your binding around the raw edges (like you did in Step Six), and finish attaching your binding.

DONE!! Just a bit tricky here and there, but definitely doable -- and trust me, it gets easier as you go along! :o)

I love how they fold up --

-- so nice and flat! I've made about half a dozen of these already, and it gets easier and easier every time. They are addicting to make, and so cute!

You could adapt these instructions to make cubes of other sizes as well. I made this size first because it worked out economically with my plastic canvas, and because it is a perfect fit for eight I-Spy Blocks -- which is what I made my original storage cube for in the first place! :o)


Lise said...

I like them, I tries something similar once but used cardboard as inserts (the only thing I had at hand). I finished it however with lots of velcro to close the top and it was a lot of work and not that good looking. This I like way better! Did you sew through the inserts at the top or sew above it, so to speak. (I'm not a native speaker, hope it makes sense).

Heather - said...

Great instructions!

casserole said...

WOW! This is fabulous!! I have a weakness for storage solutions - and PRETTY storage just about sends me over the edge.

I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


Leslie said...

oh yeah!! this is perfect. i hope i can make some time to make this. it would be perfect in my daughters room. i have been wanting something for her for awhile.

Tonya said...

Love it! Great job and awesome tutorial!

e_donaldson said...

I love this! Thank you so much for the fabulous tutorial!


Melissa said...

wow! thank you so much! now i just need to finish the king size quilt i'm making, so i can find my sewing room again and have a storage box making party! =)

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Handcraft category today (look for timestamp: [25 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

L Johnson said...

Awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Remodelaholic said...

I love this project, these kid of boxes are SO expensive(that is if you get more than one they really add up!)

Thanks, I would love it if you dropped by my blog! WE have a party on Fridays that you could link this to,

Rebecca G. said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to write up such detailed instructions! I can't wait to try it out! I'm envisioning some serious organization in my future!

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

what a great job - awesome!

Sare said...

THANK YOU!!!!! I bought a bunch of plastic canvas from a thrift store once because it was super cheap (hoping I would find a use). I am glad I can use it now. I am excited to make this (super useful craft...and it will help me use up some of the stash)

Claudia Gabriela said...

Thank you very much. I love your work. I assure you I do a lot of storage Cubes

Anna said...

care, these are so awesome! I totally want to make them right now! Why do you torture me with such cute tutorials?!

Shelly K said...

ugh, and to think Target charges 9.00 a piece for those suckers.
You. Are. My. Hero.

Alone in Holy Land said...

Absolutely fabulous...although I will never ever in a million years be able to do something like this. Still, is nice to watch your nimble fingers at work, as well as the final product.

Vicky said...

This is great, to match kids rooms!

Plookiss said...

I wanted to say I have left you a Sunshine Award on my blog ( for you to pick up for having a great inspired blog.

Thank you and keep up the brilliant work!

famr_4evr said...

I so love this!!! I've been wanting to get one of these but not finding one in the colors I want. I get to pick!!

Skebba said...

Useful and pretty! Can't get much better than that.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Awesome job with your tutorial. I love that you can make all different kinds. Those Target ones are pricey!

Carylanne said...

You may know by now that the followers of Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique are doing her 'Sew It' on your project. I can't wait so off to the sewing room to see which fabric is jumping out of the stash for this. I think I hear them talking about who gets to be first. Sew many coordinates in there. The first one will hold my pin cushions. I am currently using a plastic cookie insert. LOL Yes I reuse them for many things. I had fun reading all your tuts. Carylanne

Las manualidades de Graciela said...

Me encanto tu blog, el canasto de tela me parece super Ăștil y moderno, muy buena idea. Desde SALTA ARGENTINA, un abrazo GRACIELA

Van said...

Excellent tutorial! and perfect and decorative beautiful solution to storage delicate things! (like my fabrics!)

I featured your tutorial in my blog :)

Katie said...


Joanna said...

LOVED IT! Just finished my first one. I'll be making bigger ones now to fit in my cube storage bench from Target. I accidentally did the seams backwards, but it actually worked out fine because now the seams are facing in and then I didn't have to do the binding, which is the hardest part. It doesn't look as clean on the inside, but I'm okay with that.