Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My New Bag!!

Quick little story on my FABULOUS new bag!!

Way last summer I bought a way-too-big-for-me jacket at KMart (of all places!) for $5. It was a cotton/linen blend, and I was IN LOVE with the print! My plan was to make it into a fabulous new bag for myself. Of course, being me, I have about a gazillion projects going all at once, and it sat in my sewing closet... and sat... and sat.

Fast forward! Through bloggyblogland I "met" THE nicest, most talented sewist! Jen has a blog where she shows off some of her "Before/After" projects. She starts with everything from skirts to place mats and turns them into THE most fabulous bags! Two of my recent favorites are her Brown and Blush bag and her Modern Geometric tote, both made from table runners. Many of her projects end up in her etsy shop, JensBags. Her bags are not exclusively repurposed, either -- she has tons of bags made from fabulous designer fabrics as well!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I pulled out my jacket again and looked at it for a while, feeling lost about how to even start, and then finally had an "AHA!" moment where I realized that JEN was the woman for the job!! Lucky me, she agreed to do it for me, and WOW! Check out the gorgeous results! Her workmanship is meticulous and professional, and she pays attention to every detail. I had a vision of what I wanted, and she was able to make my bag how I pictured -- with a few extra touches she came up with, too! Have a look at her Before/After post about my bag... and look at all the gorgeous bags in her shop! I want this one too!!

YAY! New bag for me, and I love it!!


Leslie said...

it looks great....very clever of you to use a coat!!!

Anna said...

i want one! I can't ever seem to make the right bag for myself - always end up giving them away. looks awesome!

Jen said...

Thanks Care!!! It was a lot of fun making this bag for you, I'm so glad you like it :)

Rachel said...

That's really nice!