Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank You!!

WOW -- I never expected such huge response to my decorating dilemma!  Thank you so much for all your fabulous ideas and advice!  Now I have oodles of ideas, and I'll have to seriously pare down my list and come up with a Master Plan.  Hee hee!  I can't wait to get started!


Susie Jefferson said...

Thought I'd leave a comment here, as you look to be inundated on the giveaway post. I'm so glad you found my numbered comments tutorial useful - looks like you got it sorted just in time: I wouldn't have envied you trying to count down that many by hand!

All the best, congratulations on your anniversary (your blog looks ACE!)

Ms Muffin said...

Just wanted to say HAPPY BLOGVISARY!!! (Couldn't do it up on the other post.) Can't believe your blog is only one year old! WOW!
And what a great giveaway! I hate time differences ... when I woke up this morning it was already all gone ... but I guess at over 200 comments I would not have had much of a chance anyway ... :-)
Have a great day and hope your next blogging year will be as great as the first one!!! :-)