Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well, we've reached the final destination in our Grand Tour. We've already seen four aunts, three uncles, seven cousins, two grandmas, one grandpa, and Mr's parents -- which is where we are now and through ThanksG. This is our fifth stop, with lots and LOTS of driving in between!

My sewing machine is being serviced while I'm away. I haven't had it tuned up or professionally cleaned or any of that in 6+ years -- which is how long I've owned it -- because I can't bear to be apart from it. It would be like cutting off my arm!! So, the solution is to have it done while I am away. I am sure it will run so much better; I've known for ages that it needed to go in....

I just hope it's not lonely, cold and neglected, sitting in the repair shop for almost two weeks!!

I'll be back next week with some projects!

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Heidi Lindsay said...

Poor lonely sewing machine! Don't worry... they'll give it lots of oil treats to keep it happy. ;)