Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where I've been all day....

Well, I've spent most of the day TRYING to work on Halloween costumes. I actually did get a lot done -- just with the million interruptions that come with three littles! Here's what my boys are going to be:

Buzz decided he HAD to be a cowboy. He and my husband watched parts of Silverado a month or so ago, and he's been hooked on the idea of cowboys ever since. (Can you blame him?? That movie is a CLASSIC!) Don't worry, I replaced the very bad hat in the photo with a much better one! Lucky for me all I had to make for Buzz was his pants -- because I spent all the rest of my energy on this:

Mr. S decided he was going to be Zurg, and once he's got a plan it is very hard to deter him! Not that I tried, really. I wanted him to be what he really wanted to be. But it sure was a bit of a doozy to make! Luckily my sister-in-law helped me with the construction of the grey chest-plate-whatever-thingy, because I was lost on that one! It's hard to see in my "fantastic" phone photo here, but his hat is a dollar store knit winter hat. I added vinyl horns and reshaped bike reflectors for eyes. Mr. S is very happy with it, which is doubly great because I had a really hard time getting him to try on all the parts separately as I was making them!

I have been working on JellyBean's costume too, but alas it isn't quite finished yet. I'll post photos when it is!

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Heather - - said...

Mr S & my son Lewis could have been a pair - Buzz Lightyear and Zurg! :)