Friday, October 9, 2009

More I-Spy Swap Fabrics Received

from Alyssa -- those bunnies at the top left are so sweet!

from Carrie -- my boys are loving the acorns
(they are obsessed with acorns!)

and from Kristin -- I almost bought those school buses -- I 'm glad I didn't!!

Only five more groups left to receive!


tessahjake said...

did 3 of us really use that fish fabric w/ the baskets??!! too funny what are the odds? I had that left over from an apron I made 2 years ago!!!

Care said...

Ha ha ha! Yes! And here's the kicker -- my sister was going to use it too!

What ARE the odds??

Miss Muffin said...

SOOOO cute! Am so jealous!!!

Lisa said...

I almost used the monsters in the last post, but when I pulled it out to cut discovered that I'd cut a chunk out and didn't have QUITE enough.

Kim said...

I can't take it, I am so jealous. I discovered your blog right after you had everyone for the quilts. This is a fantastic idea, wish I was part of it. :) Have fun lucky ladies!

My name is Wendy . . . said...

Hey Care
I'm trying to decide if I might do my i spy layout with a rainbow colour theme or stick to my idea of using the alphabet mixed in???
Can't wait to see them all!