Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Two-For-One Quilt!

This is a quilt I made for our good friends' baby girl about four years ago:
I collected as many red and white prints as I could find. I cut them all into equilateral triangles (I paid no attention to the grain of the fabric. Don't tell. Nothing bad happened, either!) and sewed them all together somewhat randomly. The triangles really give it some sparkle!

Then I decided it needed to be a two-sided quilt! Our friends were living in China when the baby was born, so I decided to throw in some Chinese-themed fabrics for the other side. Fortune cookies, of course! (I am sure they rolled their eyes about it!)

It was a little bit tricky to line things up so that both sides would end up square. I simply made the borders on the red and white side extra wide and taped it to the floor face down. I spread the batting on top of it, then the Chinese-themed side. I lifted the edges of the top layer as I pinned so I could matching the centers as best I could. You can see that the top and bottom borders in the photo of the red and white side are just a little bit wonky, but overall it actually worked quite well!

Hmmm. I haven't made a two-sider since. Now I'm thinking I just might have to do it again!

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Summer Rae said...

Great idea! I am working on my first quilt for my friend's baby, due next month. Thanks for sharing.