Saturday, October 3, 2009

Carseat Tent

I whipped together this little carseat cover last week before a trip to the zoo, where I knew JellyBean would be needing a nap. I've had the fabric for ages -- literally, ~A~G~E~S~ -- and I'm so happy I came up with a use for it! I've already used this handy little tent numerous times, and it's only been a week!

It was super easy to make -- One yard each of two different fabrics, sew them right sides together pillowcase-style, turn, edge stitch, and add some velcro strappies. Done.

Now, why didn't I make one for her six months ago??


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I've been seeing these popping up on different blogs. Sure could have used one when the kids were little! We were always trying to keep a blanket balanced over the car seat.

Kate said...

fabulous...i need to do the same...what are the dimensions?

Care said...


I just used to one-yard cuts of 44" wide quilters cotton. The 44" length goes head-to-toe on the carseat, and the one yard measurement goes side-to-side. Basically, I draped the fabric over the carseat to see what would fit, and it happened to be exactly one yard! I think carseats vary at least a little (although it can't be THAT much!) in size, so you might want to "measure" the same way to be sure it will fit. I wish mine was just a couple inches longer head-to-toe, but it works just fine.

Hope that helps!

Samantha said...

Awesome idea for a baby shower gift too! I am adding it to my arsenal!

tracylynne said...

I did something similar to keep the bugs out of the stroller-I used an old lace tablecloth and velcro that way the baby could still see out and not have the bugs bother him.