Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sock Monkeys Need Socks, Too!

Is Diva Monkey going preppy? These little knee socks are killing me!! I made them out of a pair of $1 women's ankle socks I bought at Target.

Now I need to rethink her dress. It's a little too... I don't know. Guess one of the other monkeys will wear it, because this girl is definitely turning preppy!!


Heather - said...

Ha ha! I love argyle, knee socks, and tiny things - this is a win! :)

iamtheary said...

now thats a monkey with attuitude. LOL cute. i dont even know how to sew, well buttons. BUT i am half way through my first sock monkey, which took me four hours alone because i dont own a sewing machine. i just hope that my stitches will be good enough for the kids. perfection is my enemy.