Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grandma Quilt Sunday -- Picket Fence Quilt

When my husband and I went to visit Gramps and Gran (my maternal grandparents) in the fall of 2004, I had a chance to look at and photograph some of their quilt collection. Both my mom's grandmothers were avid quilters, so my Gramps and Gran ended up with quite the collection of gorgeous and intricately made quilts.

The quilt that I have thought about numerous times since then is this one:

It was made by my mom's mom's mom -- my great-grandmother -- in about 1930. Mom says her mom remembered it as being made from some kind of kit, and that the flowers are all state flowers.

There are many different kinds of handiwork going on in this quilt.

First of all the hand applique, then the embroidery. It's all so intricate.

One of my favorite elements of this quilt is the little picket fence border. It's so cute! I've always wanted to duplicate this in one of my quilts. Someday I certainly will.

Look at the gorgeous hand quilting! Those are teeny-tiny stitches!

I must say -- although I thoroughly enjoy making and finishing quilts, including hand applique, hand-finished bindings, and other handiwork, I do not love quilting by hand. Perhaps it's because I always have a backlog of other quilts and other projects waiting in line. Or perhaps I am just too impatient to take the time. Or maybe it's because I really enjoy machine quilting!

Whatever the reason, I feel it gives me a deeper appreciation for hand quilting and those who do it -- and do it well.

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