Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Peep, Quack & Chirp

My boys became huge fans of "Peep and the Big Wide World" last fall. It is such a darling little show! It's also quite short -- 10 minutes-ish per episode -- so it's perfect for when they want to watch a little something! Anyhow, since it's a PBS-type show there isn't much marketing out there for it. Mr. S's birthday is in the fall, and needed something super special. I whipped these little guys up for him!

They're pictured with their "finger puppet" counterparts, who my niece absolutely adores!


heather said...

Wow, these are amazing! We love this show as well. You really need to sell what you make, you are just too darn talented!

Allison said...

These are great! They look so much like the characters-it's amazing!

Anne said...

We're also huge fans of Peep! The stories are sweet, easily digestible by young minds and hearts, and are filled with wonder for the natural world.

Your fabric recreations of Peep, Chirp, and Quack are AWESOME!!

Unknown said...

These are outstanding!!!
My daughter is a huge fan & for her 2nd birthday we want to make a "Peep etc.." themed birthday & would love to learn how you made these so we can try too!
Do you have a pattern or any advice?
We live in Toronto Canada so there isn't much Peep stuff here...any help is appreciated!!!


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