Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fabulous Finds!!

Here are a few of my favorite finds from thrifting/yard sales in the past few weeks:

Pom-pom trim! I simply could not resist, although I don't have a clue what I will use it for... yet. Ideas, anyone?

I found an estate sale of a lady who had done lots of sewing in her day. This is a muumuu. I absolutely love the fabric; gonna make something out of it!

This one too! It's a house coat. I just might wear it. Or cut it up and use it in a quilt! The print is so much fun, and I just love the colors! At the very least, it's good for some inspiration!

How I wish I had been the first one to that estate sale! There was lots of fabric, and the lady who got there minutes before me grabbed most of the good stuff. And there HAD to have been a button tin there somewhere, too. Rats! I did end up getting this CUTE rowboat print, though!

Found this one at a thrift store. I love the colors. There's just something about Raggedy Ann and Andy! There's six or seven (can't remember) yards of it!

I don't know WHAT I will do when yard sale season is over! I'll have to hit more thrift stores, I guess....


Bethany said...

Great finds! I just picked up some pom-pom trim to use on a little girl's apron.

K-Sue said...

I am enjoying your blog. These finds are so cute - all that pom pom fringe! That's about a decade of children's crafts, or maybe edging for 60's-style curtains. The fabric is fun. I really like those rowboats.

pdisandro said...

I saw a cuuuuute skirt in an etsy shop with pom pom trim around the bottom hem.

:o) mg said...

I know what you can do with it... turn it around and make gobs of money from it. That RAnn and RAndy fabric would put a goodly amount in the coffers if you sold it by the yard.

:o) mg said...

course, save a little for yourself. ;-)

Tater Tot Mom said...

Just found this site by linking from Dollar Store Crafts and am so excited! I love sewing although I'm not that great at it and love all the projects I'm seeing on your site!

I love thrifting, you find so many great things that aren't available in the stores!

I'm a definite follower now-great blog!