Monday, June 8, 2009

More Fabulous Finds!

My sister-in-law Susan is a yard sale genius. She's got the radar. We usually head out together on Saturday mornings, but this weekend I had company, and lots of it. But she looks out for me! Look at what she found!!

Two doll cases, packed full of dolls and clothes! For THREE BUCKS!!

Here they are: unidentified doll head, what I think is a Liddle Kiddle knockoff, a Liddle Kiddle, a Pee Wees with worn-off hair, Dolly Darling (I'm pretty sure this one was originally dressed as the Flying Nun), two unidentified dolls, two Penny Brites, 1963 Pepper (Tammy's little sister), Midge, and two later Barbies.

Penny Brite's dress is original. I am not sure about Pepper's, and Midge is wearing an original Barbie dress -- it has a little metal zipper! Barbie clothes used to be so well-made...

Look at that teeeeeeny-tiny rickrack trim!!!

Do you know who these two are?

I'm dying to make clothes for Liddle Kiddle. I'm not so sure these were the Pee Wee girl's clothes. There were a couple things in the cases that fit her much better. And check out Dolly Darling! She's had a haircut, unfortunately....

Whoever freckle face is, she is a bit disturbing.....!

I love the Barbie dress, and check out this knitted skirt and top!

Little tiny pearl beads with knitted loops that actually go around them!!

This is just a few of the other clothes that were in there... plus LOTS more, and many indistinguishable items.

It looks like, for the most part, everything is from the mid-60's. It's obvious these dolls were well-loved; so many of their original clothing pieces are in there. I'm a little sad to think that somebody sold this girl's precious things for a mere $3 -- I am certain it wouldn't have been sold for that amount by the original owner!

I've been having a great time going through them and finding out their names. I'm looking forward to making little tiny clothes for some of these dolls!


Blog Buddy said...

I love looking for dolls and clothes to fit them! I have a Donny Osmond doll...that I had clothes made for:)

Kay Pugh said...

What a great thrift store find. I would love to find a Pepper doll. I got a Tammy doll from Santa when I was 9--40-some odd years ago. She is still in good condition with clothes that came from Santa for several more years and a dress handmade by my mother. As a special treat I get her out occasionally for the granddaughters.