Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday -- The Kid Quilt

I became serious about making quilts when I was in college. My roommate was taking a beginning quiltmaking class, and I tagged along with her whenever she went to the sewing room after class hours. Boy, I tell you, it really started something! I had always enjoyed sewing things here and there, and all through my childhood had sewed things with my mom -- another seamstress!! (Do they still call them seamstresses these days? I can't bring myself to call anyone a sewer!)

Anyway, long story short, I picked this pattern out of one of the books in the classroom, and was addicted from the first little kid block I put together. Admittedly this wasn't my FIRST first quilt -- but it's hard to count the one I made out of 6 inch squares of scrap fabric when I was twelve. (Yep, still have it!)

Over one hundred quilts later, it is still an addiction -- nay, obsession!! Although I have certainly broadened my horizons in the other things I sew and craft, it generally always comes back to quilting.

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