Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gifts for Sickies

My best friend since grade school had her galbladder out this week. I made her a little friend to keep her company in the hospital and aid in her recovery.....

Ducks have always been special to her, so this was extra fun!!

Unfortunately, my niece had a run in the hospital this week as well. She fell and had a severe concussion, and had to spend a night and much of a day there. Earlier this week I came across some tiny kitty eyes in my stash, and had set them aside for a special occasion. And the occasion came! I created this little mama kitty with two kittens for her, using scraps from my stash:

I love "quick and dirty" projects that use up those teeny little scraps!!

By the way, everyone is home from the hospital and doing just fine!

8/19 update -- I just found the tutorial where I got the idea! You can find it here!

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shambi-galambi said...

I really love stuffed animals and I want to make these Pouch Pals (is that what they are called I think I just made that up) But I really want to do dogs and I don't have any glass eyes.

do you think it can be done?

If so please explain in really simple terms so some one like me mght be able to under stand.